Founded on a Simple Idea:

Provide Outstanding Savings & Incredible Customer Service.

American Workers Insurance Services (AWIS) is a licensed insurance agency with tens of thousands of members in over 40 states. AWIS offers limited group insurance benefits to all members of the National Association of Preferred Providers (NAPP). The cost of our association benefits fit every budget, and it's easy to enroll.

We're proud to offer these guaranteed issue benefits to every single resident of the United States. Everyone is eligible to join the association and access our plans. We do not ask any health questions. Our members only need a valid United States address, that's it.

AWIS provides affordable healthcare options to the American public without eligibility restrictions and annual cost increases. We believe that individuals should have the same group healthcare rates that businesses are able to offer to their employees. AWIS was incorporated in 2005, and is licensed to transact business in 41 states nationwide.

We Love Our Members

And Our Members Love the Savings!

"I had surgery recently and my membership saved me literally over $30,000! Your customer service is amazing, and it is totally affordable. What a great service they provide, it's super easy to use and it's truly a financial lifesaver!"

Regina B., Nevada

"Thank you for our family membership! My son saved $140.55 on his initial visit fee of $185 and $72.50 on his second visit of $90, at the dermatologist. We highly recommend this healthcare savings program to everyone!"

Hayat K., Georgia

"I appreciate being a member and using one of your healthcare plans. I'm a type 2 diabetic and must take a complete blood test costing ~$500 each time every 3 months! The 'Comprehensive Blood Test (CWP)' benefit helps me get one FREE CWP blood test a year, and the remaining 3 at a discounted price of only $97 each. This benefit alone saves me over $1,800 every year!"

Issam H., Texas

"I just wanted to say that the manner in which I was treated when I called was outstanding… Excellent Customer Service… plus paying only $86 when I normally paid $250 for my 2 prescriptions was just so AWESOME… my jaw literally dropped! I'm so glad I found your healthcare plans!"

Patricia D., California

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